Month: April 2014

Draft of Questions for 4/22 #TeachWriting Chat on Creative Writing (9pm ET/8pm CT)

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Here are the questions for our Tuesday night, 4/22 chat about Creative Writing.  Your comments and questions are appreciated!  Please join us!  

Q1 – What do you see as essential components of creative writing? 

Q2 – How do you think creative writing fits into the curriculum in the age of Common Core/high-stakes assessment? 

Q3 – How do you incorporate creative writing in your writing instruction? Writing workshop? 

Q4 – What 21st century skills do you think creative writing develops? 

Q5 – What are your students’ favorite creative writing assignments? What are yours? 

Q6 – How do you motivate writers to get creative and take risks? What resources do you use? 

Q7 – How do you use props and visuals to motivate students to get creative? 

Q8 – What technology/apps/media do you find helpful in supporting creative writing?