Draft Questions for the 6/3 #TeachWriting Chat on Portfolios (9pm ET/8pm CT)

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The moderators for this chat will be Lisa Hughes (@lisahughes196) and Paul Solarz (@PaulSolarz)

Q1 How do you use portfolios to support writers in the classroom? #TeachWriting

Q2 What types of portfolios have you used? What challenges/successes have you had in the process? #TeachWriting

Q3 What writing assignments & tasks work best for portfolios? Is writing collected across the curriculum? #TeachWriting

Q4 How have you incorporated digital tools into the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Q5 How do you assess/grade writing portfolios? Do you assign grades/provide feedback? If so, how? #TeachWriting

Q6 How do you foster Ss collaboration and self-reflection through the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Q7 What other strategies/ tools/resources do you use to enhance the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Please join us!

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