Questions for 9/23/14 #TeachWriting Chat – Motivating Writers

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Q1 – How do you motivate writers to work through the writing process? What are some pitfalls you’ve encountered? #TeachWriting

Q2 – What strategies do you feel work well to inspire writers to develop writing stamina? #TeachWriting

Q3 – How do you increase the volume of writing your students are producing? #TeachWriting

Q4 – What assignments/tasks do you use to energize the writing your students are doing? #TeachWriting

Q5 – What genres of writing do you find the most difficult to motivate Students to write?How do you support your struggling writers? #TeachWriting

Q6 – What mentor text have you used to increase student excitement to get writing? #TeachWriting

Q7 – How do you use technology to support writers in developing fluidity in process and craft? #TeachWriting

Q8 – How do you celebrate and honor the writing in your classroom/Writing Workshop? #TeachWriting

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