Draft of Questions for 3/25 Chat

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The first chat will be Tuesday night, March 25th at 8pm CT/ 9pm ET

A1 – What do you see as essential components of writing instruction? What matters most to you? #TeachWriting

A2 – How do you build a writing community where writers feel comfortable sharing their writing, taking risks, and collaborating? #TeachWriting

A3 – Do you use a Writing Workshop format?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  #TeachWriting

A4 – Do your writers use a Writer’s Notebook?  How?  If you don’t, do you have a different way for writers to collect their own writing? #TeachWriting

A5 – How do you motivate students to write?  What assignments, strategies, tools, etc. do you use?  #TeachWriting

A6 – What skills do writers need in the 21st century?  How has writing (and writing instruction) changed as a result of technology? #TeachWriting

A7 – How do you teach writers to revise with purpose and develop their ideas using a variety of writing moves or strategies?  #TeachWriting

A8 – What topics would you like us to discuss in future chats here?  #TeachWriting

Coming soon . . .

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We’re working on getting this going . . . check back soon for more details!