Draft Questions for the 6/3 #TeachWriting Chat on Portfolios (9pm ET/8pm CT)

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The moderators for this chat will be Lisa Hughes (@lisahughes196) and Paul Solarz (@PaulSolarz)

Q1 How do you use portfolios to support writers in the classroom? #TeachWriting

Q2 What types of portfolios have you used? What challenges/successes have you had in the process? #TeachWriting

Q3 What writing assignments & tasks work best for portfolios? Is writing collected across the curriculum? #TeachWriting

Q4 How have you incorporated digital tools into the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Q5 How do you assess/grade writing portfolios? Do you assign grades/provide feedback? If so, how? #TeachWriting

Q6 How do you foster Ss collaboration and self-reflection through the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Q7 What other strategies/ tools/resources do you use to enhance the portfolio process? #TeachWriting

Please join us!

Draft of Questions for the 5/6 #TeachWriting Chat on Process/Product (9pm ET/8pm CT)

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The moderators for this chat will be Beth Holland (@brholland) and Shawn McCusker (@shawnmccusker) – here is a ROUGH draft of the questions (that means they might change – a lot!):

  1. How do you currently define your writing process?
  2. What tools have you used to focus your students more on the process of writing?
  3. What tools have you used as a teacher observe and comment on the process of writing?
  4. What are are some effective procedures to increase teacher and peer feedback in the writing process?
  5. How does teaching/observing the process of writing enrich student learning?
  6. What are the limits of grading only the finished product? 

Please join us to discuss these questions tomorrow night! (5/6 at 9pm ET/8pm CT!)

Draft of Questions for 4/22 #TeachWriting Chat on Creative Writing (9pm ET/8pm CT)

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Here are the questions for our Tuesday night, 4/22 chat about Creative Writing.  Your comments and questions are appreciated!  Please join us!  

Q1 – What do you see as essential components of creative writing? 

Q2 – How do you think creative writing fits into the curriculum in the age of Common Core/high-stakes assessment? 

Q3 – How do you incorporate creative writing in your writing instruction? Writing workshop? 

Q4 – What 21st century skills do you think creative writing develops? 

Q5 – What are your students’ favorite creative writing assignments? What are yours? 

Q6 – How do you motivate writers to get creative and take risks? What resources do you use? 

Q7 – How do you use props and visuals to motivate students to get creative? 

Q8 – What technology/apps/media do you find helpful in supporting creative writing? 

Draft of Questions for 3/25 Chat

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The first chat will be Tuesday night, March 25th at 8pm CT/ 9pm ET

A1 – What do you see as essential components of writing instruction? What matters most to you? #TeachWriting

A2 – How do you build a writing community where writers feel comfortable sharing their writing, taking risks, and collaborating? #TeachWriting

A3 – Do you use a Writing Workshop format?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  #TeachWriting

A4 – Do your writers use a Writer’s Notebook?  How?  If you don’t, do you have a different way for writers to collect their own writing? #TeachWriting

A5 – How do you motivate students to write?  What assignments, strategies, tools, etc. do you use?  #TeachWriting

A6 – What skills do writers need in the 21st century?  How has writing (and writing instruction) changed as a result of technology? #TeachWriting

A7 – How do you teach writers to revise with purpose and develop their ideas using a variety of writing moves or strategies?  #TeachWriting

A8 – What topics would you like us to discuss in future chats here?  #TeachWriting

Coming soon . . .

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We’re working on getting this going . . . check back soon for more details!